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    Общая информация по экзаменационной сессии третьего триместра

    by Nursultan Khaimuldin -

    Уважаемые студенты 
    Просим ознакомиться с общими правилами при проведении экзаменационной сессии.
    Для ознакомления прочтите ниже прикрепленные файлы.

    Расписание экзаменационной сессии третьего триместра

    by Nursultan Khaimuldin -

    Уважаемые студенты
    Просим ознакомиться с расписанием экзаменационной сессии третьего триместра


    by Nursultan Khaimuldin -

    Product overview

    Are you ready to enter the project world and stand out?

    Global PM Days is a 2-day online conference on project management bringing together the world’s top keynote speakers from the project profession. It is organized by IPMA YC to spread best practices while connecting experts to individuals that want to advance their skills to the next level.

    The focus of the conference is on people competences of IPMA ICB®. Aiming at raising awareness of the current situation in the world, the umbrella topic of this event is Conflict & Crisis.


    • This conference is dedicated to personal and interpersonal competences required for working in the project management field.
    • The speakers will share their remarkable experiences in different aspects of the competence: Anticipation and prevention of conflicts and crises, Analysis of their causes and consequences, Selection of appropriate responses, Mediation and conflicts and crises resolution, Capturing and dissemination of learning.
    • Being a fully online conference, it can be attended from the comfort of your home or office.
    • The recordings become available right after each session and are there for later viewing.
    • By buying a ticket, you not only invest in keeping learning and broadening your own horizons but support the global response to the pandemic: 1 euro per sold ticket will be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO.


    Live event takes place on May 30-31, 2020, Saturday and Sunday, from 2:00pm to 8:00pm CEST daily.
    The access will be granted for a period of 2 months upon ticket purchase and account activation, but not earlier than on May 30, 2020.


    Анкета онлайн обучения / дистанционного обучения

    by Nursultan Khaimuldin -

    Добрый день, уважаемый студент  AITU!

    Нам важно Ваше мнение об онлайн обучении в AITU! Данный опрос - это инструмент, который покажет степень Вашей адаптации к дистационным образовательным технологиям при on-line обучении. Поэтому мы просим Вас принять участие и внести свой вклад в развитие системы on-line обучения университета!

    Количество вопросов – 20. Время заполнения 7-10 минут. 


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