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'FX' retake schedule for 1st year students

'FX' retake schedule for 1st year students

by Aliya Koitanova -
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                                                                   Dear students of 1st year!!!

If you get an unsatisfactory mark, the corresponding FX mark (25-49 points), you can retake the final exam on a fee-paying basis according to the retake schedule FX, which is available for 1st courses at https://forms.office.com/r/YcUuZTS0tJ

You must pay only for 1 credit in total of 13318 KZT – ITM, DJ; 

                                                                  16742 KZT – IT, SE, BD, IA, MT, TS, CS

The FX retake date for "Algorithms and Data Structures" has been moved to June 23 at 12 pm.

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